Celebrities not recognized for acts of kindness

GraceLast time you went grocery shopping or bought that discount Halloween candy a week after the celebration, you were surrounded by magazines and tabloids.

You stood in line waiting to pay, seeing headlines like “Kim returns ring,” even if they weren’t true. Celebrities are basically fair game for all the jokes about them because there is no way these jokes are going to tear them down enough to lose their status.

People don’t think about hurting a celebrity’s feelings because it is essentially impossible for a celebrity to find out what was said about him or her that was not published.

However, even though I don’t like all celebrities and don’t agree with some of their decisions, I do think they have more merit than what gets talked about. Take Kathryn Prescott for example. She is one of my favorite actresses from “Skins: UK” and she is also a photographer. She has launched a project which involves her taking photos of well-known Brits but mussing them up to look dirty prior to the photo shoot. The photo exhibit was to showcase how even when these people should have been recognized, viewers didn’t stop to notice or care, which is what often happens with homeless people. She is trying to combat that and demonstrate that people need to offer their abilities to help one another through this project called “What Makes Us Care.”

Even though she’s probably not as famous as I would like to believe, that doesn’t exclude actual A-list celebrities that everyone recognizes. Jay-Z also gives back, but people don’t know much about his personal life other than that he is married to Beyoncé and has a child with her. He actually began the Shawn Carter Foundation, which is a scholarship that assists inner city children in New York.

Another celebrity whose passion is fairly well-known is Hayden Panettiere. A few years ago, she made headlines because of her cause to save marine life, more specifically, whales. While she did get acknowledgement for this cause, lately, her publicity has been overshadowed by her recent engagement and not for her love of whales.

These are not the only celebrities who have causes they actually care about, which is the sad part. These causes often go unnoticed by everyday people and many celebrities are still the butt of jokes, despite their passion and compassion.

But to me, that says something about our society. I feel like with everything lately, we focus on the negatives. This is an issue everywhere and it is not limited to celebrities. Many news sources focus on the negatives that are happening constantly, but only offer a three or four minute segment about something good at the very end of the newscast when many people are no longer paying attention.

I think that people really need to learn to focus on positivity. Yes, I struggle with this too, especially now when I’m overwhelmed with everything going on, but it’s essential that people realize the perks of a positive message. It takes fewer muscles to smile than frown, so it just makes sense to try and be happier. Let’s use this mentality in our everyday lives.

Grace Johnson is a senior publishing major and columnist for The Vidette. Any questions or comments regarding her column can be sent to


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