Tasty treats to try from Thanksgiving leftovers

Some may see Black Friday as the much-awaited event after Thanksgiving, but for others, it’s all about the leftovers. Homemade stuffing is great and all, but it’s even better four days later with a creative touch.

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1. Turkey and Cranberry Panini
Cranberries are never the main attraction during a Thanksgiving meal, but they are essential for this mouth-watering Panini. It’s simple. Slice up some turkey and place it between two pieces of bread with leftover cranberries and a slice of cheese. Grill the sandwich until the cheese melts, and there you have it – a beautifully crafted Thanksgiving sandwich that tastes much better than those cranberries ever did.

2. Pumpkin Pancakes
Pancakes are perfect no matter the occasion, but once you pair them with leftover pumpkin pie, you’ll never want to eat ordinary pancakes again. Whisk together a pancake mix like you normally would, and add the leftover pumpkin to the blend. Once they’re fully cooked, add cinnamon and sugar on top to enhance the pumpkin taste, and voila – you have a deliciously unique breakfast that perfectly mirrors a Thanksgiving Day meal.

3. Stuffing Muffins
This recipe is a great way to utilize the massive bowl of leftover stuffing that is sitting in your fridge, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love muffins? To make a stuffing muffin, add a little bit of milk to your stuffing and spoon the mixture into an individual muffin tin. Top the mixture with cheddar cheese, and bake until the cheese is fully melted. Serve the muffins at a family gathering or Friendsgiving. They’ll be a big hit!

4. The Jive Turkey
Thanksgiving leftovers shouldn’t be used solely to create more food. In fact, your holiday meal can even be turned into an enjoyable cocktail. To make the Jive Turkey, mix together whisky, fresh squeezed orange juice and a can of jellied cranberry sauce. Pour in some soda water and shake the combination till it blends together nicely. Add a slice of orange on top for an eye-catching garnish.

5. The Scarlet Letter
The Scarlet Letter is another cocktail that will use up your Thanksgiving leftovers. To make this drink, mix together gin, fresh lemon juice and leftover cranberry sauce. Top the cocktail with champagne or sparkling wine to create a bubbly sensation. Pair the cocktail with a leftover piece of pumpkin pie, and you’ll be all set!

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