Australia’s Happiest 5K


I am sure some of you have run or walked a 5K once in your life. 5Ks are really popular and can be an easy way to raise money and awareness for whatever the cause might be. At the same time, you do not have to be a marathon enthusiast to participate. At the 5Ks I have participated in, I have seen people of all ages and sizes participating. While I was abroad in Australia last semester, I participated in a 5K race which supported Australians who are fighting cancer. But, there was something special about this 5K.

This 5K was called the “Color Run.” Perhaps some of you have heard of it. The Color Run is not limited to Australia, they are held all over the world and their proceeds go to many different local charities. The reason why it is called the Color Run is because as the runners progress through the race, at multiple checkpoints, the runners are doused in colored powder that covers them from head to toe. So imagine starting the race all clean and come out looking like you got caught in a rainbow. Sounds like fun right?

It really was a lot of fun. Once the 5K portion was over, there was a party/concert type event that followed, where those in charge of the race were handing out plastic baggies of color to make things even more colorful. We could squirt more color on ourselves, our friends and other color runners. It was messy but so much fun. Needless to say, I had a great time and was a colorful mess by the end! When I first heard about the event in January, I knew I had to sign up. I thought that this was such a unique idea and an experience I might never have the opportunity to have again.

However, I was wrong. This concept of incorporating color into a 5K is becoming rather popular. I am going to get a chance to participate in one again. There is another company I heard about recently called “Run or Dye” who is hosting a 5K in Champaign, IL in May. Since I am from Champaign, I will definitely be attending. I cannot wait to participate in another 5K like the one I participated in in Australia. These color runs are really a lot of fun. Forming a team could make the experience even better. I would definitely recommend that everyone participate in one if they get the chance.

Color Run Before

color before

Photo Courtesy of Plankenhorn

Color Run After

color after

Photo Courtesy of Plankenhorn

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