ISU history to be made with youngest grad

Submitted Photo: Isaiah Roberts will be the youngest student to ever graduate from ISU.

Submitted Photo:
Isaiah Roberts will be the youngest student to ever graduate from ISU.

“I never thought I would be here but I’m excited to be done,” Isaiah Roberts said. “This was kind of a unique experience that was also an honor.”

Roberts is currently a senior marketing major and has no problem with being the youngest guy in the room. He was able to graduate from high school and start college at the young age of 15.

“Being homeschooled allowed me to graduate young and skip my junior and senior years all together,” Roberts said.

Roberts started at Illinois Valley Community College taking on 24 credit hours his last semester before transferring. He came to ISU in the fall of 2012 and was eligible for graduation after just three semesters. After graduation, Roberts is considering law school and wants to go into the legal field.

“I’m really sad about leaving ISU,” Roberts said. “There are a lot of things I’m involved in like my business fraternity that I’ll miss when I graduate.”

Being younger than all his peers never really seemed odd for Roberts since he always had older siblings. Roberts explained that a lot of times he would not even tell his age right away so all of his friends had no idea.

“It was funny because when I was in community college I was a student ambassador giving tours to freshmen and alumni and I was only 16,” Roberts said.

Aside from working hard in academics, Roberts was able to become involved in a variety of extracurricular activities such as being an ad sales team leader for The Vidette, a member of Delta Sigma Pi and a sales scholar for the Professional Sales Institute.

“Isaiah is representing ISU and presenting our programs to professionals as well as helping communicate the value of these people to students,” Michael Boehm, executive director for the Professional Sales Institute said.

Roberts works with Boehm in the sales institute as one of the seven students mentoring underclassmen and helping them practice in their sales labs.

“Isaiah has a great relationship with the other sales scholars and they treat him like he’s one of them,” Boehm said. “He’s going to represent ISU in the business world very professionally and he’s just an amazing young man.”

Roberts encourages students to work hard with whatever they are doing to complete their goals.

“People think that if you graduate young that makes you a genius but anyone can do it if they push themselves out of their comfort zone and stick with it.”


























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