Fast & Furious Star Dies In Car Crash


On Nov. 30, the devastating news came a shock to the world when news sites reported that the beloved Fast and Furious star Paul Walker had died due to a car accident. Walker was 40. The crash happened around 3:30pm in Los Angeles where Walker was attending a function for his charity: Reach out Worldwide. Walker left the event for a short time with the driver of the car Roger Rodas, who also died in the crash; the two said they would be back in five minutes.

Sources said they heard the crash and knew the two had gotten into an accident because they had seen them go by. Specifics are still unknown about the crash, it has been resported that the crash was due to extreme speeds and the Porsche they were driving went into a light pole and then went up in flames because of the location of the gas tank in the car. Both Walker and Rodas were pronounced dead at the scene.


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After the accident, many people paid their condolences on social media as well as at the site of the crash. Walker’s Fast and Furious co-star Tyrese Gibson visited the scene of the accident with flowers and a heavy heart. He was very saddened by Walkers death and even shared the last text the two had about Thanksgiving. He was said to have been a very generous man and loved by many.

Production for the seventh installment of the Fast and Furious movies is currently in progress. They took a break for the week of Thanksgiving but were expected to start up again in Atlanta this week. Production has been delayed as of now, but sources report that the movie will not be completely abandoned. The producers said they want to be respectful and go about it in a way that honors his memory. This will be a difficult task because of the movies fast cars, crashes and adrenaline that all the characters partake in.

He will be remembered for his generous actions and great personality. Rest in Peace.

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