School of Art open house reaches out to potential students

The School of Art’s Open House will provide potential students with the opportunity to learn more about portfolio making and information about art majors on Saturday.

From 1 to 4 p.m., students can check out what classes the art program has to offer and what the requirements are to get accepted into the department.

The opening reception will take place in University Galleries, Room 110 of the Center for the Visual Arts.

“There is often this fear about art – but it’s actually a relaxed group of people,” Lea Cline, assistant professor of art history, said of the ISU art program.

For art students, having a good portfolio is the key to getting into an art program, not an essay like most other majors, Cline explained.

A glassblowing demonstration is also part of the event; ISU is one in three colleges in the state with a glasshouse. Currently located north of the football field, many people are not aware of this hidden house.

“Students will have the chance to see the studio spaces and the equipment we have,” Tony Crowley, director of the School of Art, said.

Students will also be able to meet some of the faculty, including faculty from the Office of Admissions, who will be willing to answer questions, such as how to get into the art program.

They will provide feedback on putting together art portfolios and information on scholarships and financial aid offered through the university, he said.

“[Saturday] will give students a chance to see behind our doors, see what it is and what we’re about,” Cline said.

“It’s a great way to meet everyone, see the resources available and get help for portfolio review.”

The School of Art currently has about 375 students at ISU majoring in art, art history and art education. With 40-45 faculty members, of whom many are full-time or on tenure, these talented professionals teach students with expert instruction in their areas of study.

The program includes studio bachelor’s degrees in studio arts, art history and art education and graphic design. Master degrees can be earned in art history, art education and studio arts.

Though primarily tailored toward art students, anyone interested in art is also encouraged to attend.

“What we’re hoping to do is help students get a feel for the campus,” Crowley said.

“Students who are interested in art but are majoring in something else can still learn about the kinds of things we’re doing in the School of Art.”

For more information on registering for the open house, call (309) 438-5621 or log onto

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