Texting: How To Tell If He Is Into You


Two girls talking:

Girl: “OHMYGOD….”

Friend: “What?”


Friend: WHAT DID HE SAY??????

Girl: “He said “hi.” “

Friend and Girl: “WHOOOOOOOO”

This is you. Now, I know you don’t want to admit that this is you, but we have all been there, at least once. Don’t get me wrong; a text is a good start. But, they don’t always follow with a huge rock and a white dress. Here are some good signs to look for when you are scouting a potential Bo.

So how do we know when it’s legit?

He makes an effort to continuously text you

This most likely means that he is into you. If he wasn’t he wouldn’t waste his time on the phone.

He texts you after the conversation has died down

This is always a good sign. He has been texting you all day and its finally bed time. You are getting tired but the conversation is just too good. You’re finally getting to know him on a “deeper level.” You know the family history, his favorite color and the car he drives. But inevitably, you fall asleep. You wake up thinking

“Oh crap! He was the last to text me and I didn’t respond, what do I do? Do I text back? Do I wait for him to respond? Oh this would have been so much easier if I had just stayed awake for five more minutes.”

But then to your surprise, he texts you! He is most likely into you.

He asks you to hang out during the week or on a Sunday

This, my friend is a GREAT sign. If he is asking you to hang during the week, this most likely means you will be SOBER. Shocking right?

He asks you on a REAL date.

News flash ladies, a house party isn’t a date.

Texting can get stressful when you’re talking to a new guy. When he hasn’t responded for over an hour you have a mini panic attack and think back to something you might have said wrong. It is a guessing game. You never know what he is thinking on the other end. You start to make excuses like oh maybe he is busy, he is probably out helping old ladies walk across the street or saving kittens from burning buildings. Bottom line is, text conversations are stressful. You never know what you’re getting yourself into when you start texting someone new. Read the signs carefully, but don’t assume anything. Ditch him when you start reading the signs and getting bad vibes. Play the game like a guy, get in their head and figure out what his motives with you really are. If he isn’t what you’re looking for, don’t stick around.


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