What I do when I’ve reached my limit



Everyone knows that the week before finals can be a little overwhelming with class material.  I can normally handle being overwhelmed, but this week it has reached a whole new level, and the week has just begun. I have officially piled on enough papers, projects and finals that could last me till graduation.  I’ve been trying my hardest to not check out of school right away but Christmas break is calling my name.  Until then, I plan on taking my stress out on cheer.  When I’m at cheer practice I can forget about school and focus on something that I love.  Instead of throwing my computer at the wall I plan on taking my stress and turning it into something productive at practice. The same goes for when I tumble.  The feeling of that stress release makes me feel amazing.  I feel like I can go back to my new home, Milner Library, and focus on what is next on my list. Not to mention, we have our annual Christmas party this week, which I’ve made the most delicious cupcakes for.  Unlike our traditional Christmas parties, this year we are having White Elephant gifts.  This is something I’ve been looking forward to.  I have the perfect gift picked out and ready to give.  I can only hope that the rest of the gifts are just as creative and funny as mine.  Though my excitement for break is through the roof, I will miss my team members and I can’t wait to see what they all got from Santa.

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