What I Plan To Do On My Winter Break


Soon we will all be done with finals and our end-of-the-semester projects. I know I will be ready for some time off. Typically we all go home, at least for some of the break, to spend time with our family during the holidays, and to catch up with friends we have not seen in months. Having a month off is great and something I am looking forward to. I have previously blogged about being busy with classes, applying
for internships and planning my future. From time to time, it is nice to give your brain a little break. Time to flip the off switch on my brain, at least for part of the month.

I plan on spending Christmas Eve and Day with my family. During Christmas, we have a gift exchange, which is really fun. I love buying the perfect gift for anyone and seeing how their face lights up when they open the gift for the first time. Buying gifts for people you love can be fun. However, I am not a Black Friday shopper, especially not at Wal-Mart. I have heard this year’s horror stories. Someone got shot and another person was stabbed. Count me out; I will pass, thanks. I tend to wait a little while until I hit the mall. Along with the gift exchange, comes just spending quality family time and catching up. I like to see what my family members have been up to while I have been away at school. The holidays are a good time to do so.

Another thing on my agenda is to go to Chicago for the day to shop and walk around the city. I specifically enjoy walking past all the decorated windows at the old Marshall Fields (to me, it will always be Marshall Fields!) They decorate the whole place and have a beautiful Christmas tree in the center of the restaurant inside. Shopping in downtown Chicago during the holidays is a beloved tradition for me and my family. In addition to all this, just being in Chicago during the holidays is just so magical, especially if it snows.

While on Christmas vacation, I am also going to rest up and get ready for next semester. The farther I get into my education, the more effort I have to put in to make sure that everything turns out how I want it to. Breaks like this are very important for us as students because it gives us all a time to decompress from the stress of classes, professors, etc. I might just fall asleep and wake up in thirty days.

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