Ace those finals this week

Join a Study Group
Other students may be in the same class and know techniques that could be helpful towards earning an “A.” Join forces with one another and quiz each other on the material. It may also help to hear others say the information out loud while soaking in the key facts. However, finding the right group of people to study with is vital. While studying with a circle of close friends may sound like a good idea, it could be more distracting than beneficial. Gather peers that are likely to benefit your study time and vice-versa.

Eat Peppermints
It has been said that the peppermint flavor can stimulate alertness and memory. Sip on some peppermint tea or gnaw on a candy cane while studying for that anatomy final to enhance your concentration. Perhaps pack some pinwheel peppermint candies in your backpack and pop some in your mouth before the test is handed out. Not only will these candies help you focus, they are also known to calm nerves and are a tasty treat. If the road to a 4.0 means having to eat an entire bag of peppermint candies in a day, I say bring it.



Get Enough Sleep
Cramming at Milner with a Red Bull and four stacks of note cards the night before a final may be second nature for most college students, but that’s not always the right way to go. What good is it to stuff all of that information into the brain if it shuts down while taking the test? Being well rested before a final with a full night of sleep is the key to a sharp memory. If necessary, wake up a little early to study some more, but pulling an all-nighter is a big “no.” Relax your mind and body with a few hours of sleep instead.

Don’t Cram
Only studying the night before the final is not the ideal way to actually learn the material. Absorbing the information and being able to apply it rather than simply memorizing the terms will make for an easier time taking the exam. Starting to study a week before the test will help organize the key points and make the lessons clearer. Focus on the key points the professor lectured on in class. It is also important to take into account how the professor organized his or her past tests so the proper studying precautions can be taken.

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Stay Healthy
Unfortunately, finals week is always accompanied by an enormous amount of stress. While the week is chock-full of projects, papers and tests, finding time to exercise may help relieve some of the stress. This relief of pressure may be just what you need to get your head back into the game. The stress may also cause some major junk food binges. Make sure to keep your brain on track with healthy meals containing all the right nutrients. It is especially important to start out with a hearty breakfast so you are ready to conquer the day with your mind on your tests rather than your rumbling tummy.

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