Bdubs to make its way to Normal

Fans of the restaurant Buffalo Wild Wings can expect a new Normal location in 2015 at 603 and 605 S. Main St.

Buffalo Wild Wings franchisee Doug Cekander said that they are hoping to open the restaurant in the spring of 2015 but are still in the planning stage.

“We have been working with Normal to get approval and we are now waiting for the city to move forward,” Cekander said.

“We decided months ago on this location but are still working with plans.”

The decision to build another Buffalo Wild Wings was based on the high demand and convenience.

Cekander explained this new location will be closer to the ISU campus allowing people to walk to the restaurant.

The current buildings at the site will be demolished in order to build a four-story, mixed-used building.

The new building would include the restaurant and three floors of student apartments above it.

Since there is limited parking space in the area, developers have proposed a parking lot across the street at 702 and 703 S. Main St.

The restaurant franchise has a set number of required spaces and the open lot across the street will offer enough spaces for both restaurant customers and apartment residents. Strict parking regulations will be enforced as well.

“I feel indifferent because I’ve never ate there before but I will for the first time this Tuesday at the Bloomington location,” Lauren French, junior public relations major, said.

“I think this will be very popular because I know a lot of frats that go to the restaurant and it’s closer now so that’s cool.”

There will not be many changes from the Bloomington location, except a more modernized appearance. Business is expected to be about the same, but only time will tell.

The current vacant spaces used to be occupied by Monster Pawn and McLean County Apartment Management.

Across the street there was a  Baskin Robbins and gas station, but they have been closed for years.

“I love going to Buffalo Wild Wings, especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays when the wings are only 60 cents,” Kayla Babers, junior journalism major, said.

“Bringing it to Normal is probably one of the smartest things they could have done and I’m very excited.”

Plans are still in order for the new Buffalo Wild Wings, but there will continue to be regular meetings between the town and the franchise until final decisions are made.

For updates on the Normal location, contact the Buffalo Wild Wings corporate office at (309) 427-1551.

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