Five fictional characters you should strive to be like in 2014

There’s no time like the present — or the New Year — to begin reflecting on ways in which we conduct ourselves as human beings. This list of fictional characters will help the good people of ISU understand what it means to lead an honest life.

Kidding aside, there is lot to be gleaned from the creations placed on our movie and television screens. The characters we admire teach us more than we realize about being a community and how to treat one another. The following are no exception.

1. Leslie Knope — You’d be hard-pressed to find someone more dedicated to her cause or truer to herself than Pawnee, Ind., Deputy Parks Director and City Council member Leslie Knope. Eternal optimism, enthusiasm and remarkable resourcefulness are only a few of the traits exhibited by Knope as she strives to make her community a better place.  There isn’t an area of our lives where applying just a dab of Knope’s sunny philosophy wouldn’t work wonders. Take her with you while you’re apartment hunting, while you’re trying to finish up a last-minute assignment or right before you walk into a job interview.

MCT Campus

MCT Campus

2. Arya Stark — The youngest Stark daughter from HBO’s “Game of Thrones” is surer of herself than anyone we know. Arya refuses to accept the role of a typical lady, scoffing at cumbersome dresses and demanding sword-fighting lessons — which come in handy when her home is invaded and her family is split apart. While it goes without saying that we wouldn’t wish hardships upon anyone, it is true that we could all take a page from Arya’s book and exceed that which is expected from us in the coming year.

3. Samwise Gamgee — There’s no pick-me-up better than time spent with a good friend, and there’s no better pick-me-up to date than the time Samwise literally lifted Frodo into his arms and carried him up the slope of a burning volcano. Talk about friendship. While it isn’t necessary to drag a friend across Mount Doom in order to be there for them, it is important as the New Year unfolds to pay attention to the lives of our loved ones. Life is easier and more enjoyable when you’ve got friends by your side so don’t forget to nurture the relationships around you by going above and beyond to make your friends feel as awesome as they make you feel.

4. SpongeBob SquarePants — Not a single man, woman nor beast currently living takes more pride in their work than Mr. SquarePants. This is an absolutely vital philosophy for students planning to graduate and begin job-hunting this spring. Though SpongeBob is a fry cook, he sees purpose in what he does, finding fulfillment in each and every patty he flips on the grill. Being newly graduated does not guarantee you the job of your dreams right off the bat, but it does secure you the opportunity to begin building a reputation for yourself as a positive, dependable employee — no matter where you find work. Hopefully within a couple of years, we’ll all have racked up as many “Employee of the Month” awards as our little yellow friend.

MCT Campus

MCT Campus 

5.  Lumpy Space Princess — We know “Adventure Time’s” biggest drama queen can be a bit of a fibber and a little shallow, but Oh my Glob, you guys, no one can deny the determination and self-confidence welled up in those lumps. Getting turned down by both Brad and Billy, the vulture never stopped LSP from putting on her plastic bag dress and looking “fresh to death.” A setback in your love life shouldn’t discourage you from loving yourself in 2014 either.

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