The Top 5 New Year’s resolutions that can actually be kept

5. Do one good deed per day

This is easier than it may seem. Simply go out of your way to smile at a stranger, or buy the person’s coffee standing behind you at Einstein’s. These little things will not go unnoticed, and will make you feel better too!

4.Go to sleep earlier

Twitter can wait until the morning, sleep is more important. Studies show students function better with a good night’s rest, so even going to bed an hour earlier can help you get through the day. Sleep is healthier than coffee anyways.

3. Stop procrastinating

While its easy to put everything off until the last minute, you always end up kicking yourself when you have a 10 page paper due in eight hours. Avoid this by starting projects slightly earlier, eliminating the night-before work everyone hates.

2. Be healthier and wealthier

Everyone always makes personal fitness a resolution for the New Year; however, that one is hard to keep. A simple way to be healthier while saving money is to simply cut out the takeout. Take advantage of the dining centers instead of that weekly trip to Chipotle.

1. Get off the couch

(Vivianne Velazquez/ Photographer)

(Vivianne Velazquez/ Photographer)

Yes, Netflix is tempting, but your life is going by quicker than those last three hours on the couch. Why waste the best four years of your life watching reruns of “Scrubs”? Join just one club this year, and you’ll meet new people who motivate you to stay involved!

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