TIME is among thousands of publications with Twitter accounts. TIME’s pristine mix of breaking, national, local and feature news is what makes it stand out from other media outlets. TIME’s tweets are accompanied by links, photos and videos, which will make it one of the most newsworthy and reliable accounts on your feed.

MileyMiley Cyrus


With her 16.6 million followers, the queen of twerking’s tweets never fail to cause an eyebrow raise or jaw drop in the Twitter sphere. Smilers can expect tweets revolving around Miley’s dogs, hit new album Bangerz and selfies with her classic tongue pose.

AnnaAnna Kendrick


Her bio reads “pale, awkward and very very small. Form an orderly queue, gents. Location: probably the food.” Need I say more? This up-and-coming actress, who is best known for her role in “Pitch Perfect,” has been absolutely slaying the Twitter scene lately.

EllenEllen Degeneres


Ellen’s comedic nature will give her followers laughs and smiles throughout the day. As with any comedian, her comments can be controversial sometimes but no harm is intended. Tune into links for her talk show as well.

RussellRussell Brand


Brand is as ridiculous, vulgar and epically hilarious as he is in his big screen roles.

barackBarack Obama


Who wouldn’t want to follow the President of the United States? This page offers political updates and opinions as well as inspirational quotes that could only come from the President himself.

KatyKaty Perry


As the most followed person on Twitter, Katy Perry is definitely in the limelight now with her latest album release. She tweets about her music, life and lets followers in on a Katy Perry they probably never knew.



Catch up on upcoming campus activties by following University Program Board. From announcing an upcoming visit from MTV’s Girl Code and Guy Code to Parachute as this spring’s concert, UPB’s tweets always take full advantage of the 140-character limit.

REDBIRDReggie Redbird


Whether he is at a basketball game or a campus event, our beloved mascot is always keeping his loyal fans updated on his exact location. Give the pride of ISU a follow to stay up to speed on everything Reggie.

VSportsVidette Sports


The Vidette’s coverage of ISU sporting events doesn’t end in the physical paper. Live tweets from various Redbird games and matches can be found on Vidette Sport’s Twitter timeline. This account captures the action of the game while it’s happening.

CampusRecreationCampus Recreation


With a new year and fresh additions at the Student Fitness Center, there has never been a better time to start following Campus Recreation. Insanity classes, new machines and a bouldering cave are among the changes students can expect to find this semester. Following Campus Recreation on twitter will motivate you to stay fit by staying updated on their upcoming activites.

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