Plans for new fire station in Normal

The Town of Normal has created plans to build a new fire station closer to the ISU campus by the end of 2015.

“The current stations have served their usefulness and are starting to show their age,” Fire Chief Mick Humer said.

Humer explained that there is no exact location yet, but the fire department is working closely with ISU to find a land slot.

There are four sites in mind that could serve as potential locations. This station will possibly become the new headquarters station and replace Station two on Adelaide Street.

“We’ve decided within the next 10 years to replace the older fire stations,” Deputy City Manager Pamela Reece said.

“A station location that was best 25 years ago may not be the best today.”

With Normal’s growing population, the current fire stations are no longer in the ideal locations around town. Humer explained that they are very excited to be relocating and have not just one but three new stations over the next 10 years.

There is also talk about a potential land swap between ISU and Normal. The Adelaide property would go to ISU and Normal would get the new land for the station.

“One of the reasons we decided to build these new stations is to lower response times to better suit the needs of residents,” Humer said.

With these new locations, the community can expect quicker responses to emergencies and better arrival times.

The ISU campus is the predominant location in town, so it is better to center the stations around that area.

There is a proposed budget of $4.5 million for the next two years, which will go toward the first station. A budget for the other two stations is not in place yet, but will be tended to in the future.

The Adelaide Street station is the oldest of all three at almost 40 years old. A replacement station was a better decision since the current one needs about $2 million in repairs.

The headquarters station on College Avenue was opened over 30 years ago and Station three about 15 years ago. Even though these new fire stations are coming, Humer said that existing personnel will be able to cover those stations.

For updates on the fire station construction plans, contact Mick Humer at (309) 454-9615.

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