Don’t Let The Fire Burn Out



Welcome back! I hope everyone had an enjoyable break away from school, and feel refreshed and ready for the challenges and opportunities that our second semester will bring.  Seeing how we are already halfway through the first month of the New Year, it seems fitting to evaluate the resolutions that may or may not still be in existence.  Personally, I don’t necessarily agree that resolutions should solely be invited into our lives only on the occasion of a new year and should rather be a constant goal for self-improvement, but nevertheless, the New Year certainly does bring a rejuvenating energy to better oneself! I hope everyone is excelling in whatever endeavor they wish to improve in.

I see resolutions as a form of puzzle that require a strategic blueprint in order to guarantee success so let’s dive into certain techniques to help aid in keeping honest to our goals.

Ironically, honesty is certainly a key ingredient in having success in a resolution.  For example, let’s take an example of someone wishing to get into better shape: I can’t think of a better person to stay honest with than oneself when desiring to lose pounds or put on muscle.  It is true that the scale doesn’t lie and it is also true that we have the tendency to embellish on our eating habits in order to make ourselves feel better about “cheating” on a diet.  Honesty to one’s word is essential in having success in the kitchen and in the gym.


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A second ingredient for success is inspiration.  There is an old saying that goes “inspiration is like bathing, it’s effective but only for a short time, which is why it is recommended daily.” There is a powerful force of determination that embodies the word “inspiration” but the problem is that this force tends to wear off eventually and when it does, we are left with a craving to either navigate away from our original goal, or in worse matters, abandon the goal entirely.  This is why daily inspiration is encouraged when pursing a form of self-improvement. So where can inspiration be found? Theoretically everywhere you look if you look with the right eyes but that is not always the case.  Inspiration can sometimes seem as though it is completely spontaneous but I do see ways that this sensation can be hijacked in a way.

For example, surrounding oneself with the right type of people can give an inspiring boost to our mentality which is always reassuring.  Perhaps these people are friends or family who are also engaging in a resolution of some sort.  It would be wise to keep these people close by to give and take words of encouragement.  The force of inspiration not only exists when looking outwards, but also inwards.  The power of thought is a truly magical thing.  Remind yourself of the reasons you started this resolution to begin with.  What significance does it have on your life and what is the payoff of achieving it?  Surely it has some motivational aspect to its origin.  Don’t let the fire burn out!

That seems like a fitting motto for the time being.  For now, focus on the fire that first pushed you to achieve your resolution!

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