Feminine condoms now offered to stay safe

This may not apply to all women, but some do find it embarrassing and a bit awkward to go out and buy condoms. However, one company is trying to change this.

New York University graduate Tiffany Gaines founded Lovability Condoms. According to her website, her goal for the company is to empower women to take responsibility for their sexual health.

In order to make the condoms more feminine, they are placed inside a gold-colored tin with the word “Lovability Condoms” written across a light pink sticker. On the top of the tin explains what’s inside, “Three premium lubricated latex condoms,” and on the bottom, “Be sweet. Be sassy. Be sensible.”  Inside the tin, the condoms are placed individually wrapped, easy-open, no-tear, “buttercup” foil packaging. She said that this makes them chic and discrete for a woman’s purse or bedside table.

“For years, condoms have been marketed as a masculine product. Because of this, they’re often associated with macho-sexuality, promiscuity and conquest. Although these connotations have helped many men feel more confident buying and carrying condoms, this messaging has had the opposite effect on women. The masculine stereotypes associated with condoms have caused many women to feel uncomfortable purchasing, carrying and providing them when needed,” Gaines explained in an article on the Forbes website.

She also stated that only 54 percent of college students regularly use condoms during vaginal intercourse, which has resulted in one in four students having an STD. And in 2013, the Centers for Disease Control found that in the United States alone there are over 20 million new sexually transmitted infections diagnosed and 3.2 million unintended pregnancies per year.

When I first heard about these condoms, I immediately decided I was going to put down the idea because I simply thought it was unnecessary and that all women should just suck it up and buy condoms if they need to. I thought about it, though, and realized Gaines’ idea really is not bad at all. Many women actually might feel embarrassed going out and buying condoms, and her idea of making the packaging specifically for women may encourage them to go out and actually buy some. The point is she is promoting safe sex, which is extremely important. She has also thought about a way to keep this going on college campuses.

Sororities have a chance to become “Lovability Ladies” and make money for their Greek house.  Women can apply for this and upon becoming Lovability Ladies, they can sell the condoms and make commission for each sale.

Gamma Phi Beta sorority member and ISU senior Mary Olandese said, “I think it is unnecessary to make feminine condoms because their main purpose is protection and everyone should take that into consideration over what they look like. I wouldn’t really support my house selling them for a profit because although promoting safe sex is important, I feel that it can be done in a more professional way. People can find them and buy them on their own.”

There is also a chance to become a Lovability Lady just as an individual and sell the condoms to people in your community. According to the website, if women are interested in doing this, upon becoming a Lovability Lady they will receive Lovability Condoms at a wholesale discounted price, and receive a display kit, promotional materials, and samples on consignment, and join the retails squad.

The main message here, though, is how important safe sex really is. The G-spot is always on campus giving away free condoms. However, if you do support Lovability Condoms and think it’s a great idea then join their team and apply to be a Lovability Lady at

Christina Danno is a senior philosophy and English studies major in addition to being a columnist and copy editor for The Vidette. Questions or comments regarding her column can be sent to

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