Things You Learn During “Syllabus Week”


The first week back to school is over and many students have been to their new classes at least once. The first week of the new semester, was the week where kids pop in and out of classes and you decide if your professor really looks like Mitch from “Modern Family” or if it is just your imagination. This is most likely known around many college campuses as “syllabus week”.  Though you may not have been paying attention in the first class, syllabus week teaches students more than about how the class is ran.

1. “Wait. What’s your name?”

You learn the art of introductions during syllabus week without even knowing it. Sure, you may have to stand in front of the class and talk about yourself, but you also learn to be humble when talking about your experiences.

2. Oh, hey…again

This is when you realize you have four classes with one or more other students. It is like an instant buddy system. You will be spending 15 more weeks with these people. You might as well introduce yourself now in case you want to find a study buddy or miss class and need notes.

3. Professors Will Judge You

Not about your life choices or anything, but after assigning homework the first day they will be able to tell who the serious students are and who will put effort into the class. Syllabus Week is full of great parties, but it may do you good in the long run to make a first impression during the first week.

4. “We Will Not Get Out Early”

Sure, there are some days where the lecture is a bit short, but generally when a professor says this, they really want to teach you. Hard to believe, but if you have a professor like this you should feel grateful because they want you to learn all you can while in their class.

5. Supply Snatchers

There is always that one person who never comes to class prepared. This is the week where you can start to find a good seat where you know you won’t have someone asking for a writing utensil every day of class.

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