Top 5 things turning 20 in 2014

This year, several things will turn 20 that will take you on a trip down memory lane and make you feel super old. Here are a few things that have been around for two decades in 2014.

1. PlayStation:  The first PlayStation game system turns 20 this year. Sony executive Ken Kutaragi created the PlayStation, released in Japan on Dec. 3, 1994. The highly popular gaming system had a variety of games and brought a lot of hype when it was released. Since then there have been several new versions released, a portable gaming system and online options.

2. “The Lion King”: The classic Disney movie has always been a childhood favorite. 2014 will ring in the 20-year anniversary of Simba coming to the big screen and the tragic scenes that will make you tear up at any age. The cast includes Matthew Broderick, Nathan Lane and James Earl Jones, to name a few. Since the release in 1994 there has been a sequel, as well as “The Lion King 1 1/2.” There have also been multiple plays, Broadway shows, merchandise and more. Many students here at ISU will turn 20 with the lion king this year. Many of us remember watching this movie as a kid like it was yesterday.



3. “Good Night, Gorilla”: The children’s book written by Peggy Rathmann was published in 1994. It is a popular book that has received several awards and positive reviews; Parenting Magazine called it the “Best Children’s Book of 1994.” The book is about bedtime at the zoo and all of the animals are going to sleep except the mischievous Gorilla who is not ready to go to sleep. Many kids over the last 20 years have grown up reading this classic children’s book.

4. “Friends” Series Premeire: On Sept. 22, 1994, the show “Friends” aired for the first time on NBC. The show was originally going to be named “Insomnia Café” or “Friends Like Us”  before it was named “Friends”. The show went on for 10 seasons, ending in 2004. The series finale had over 52.5 million American viewers. The beloved show has been hinting at a reunion for over a year, but nothing has been officially announced. The cast has all gone on to act in other shows, but it is not hard to come across a “Friends” rerun on TV.

5. The Spice Girls: In 1994, the British pop singers formed their group. Girls growing up in the 90’s can remember hearing “Wannabe” on the radio, and the song has become a classic. The five members include Victoria Beckham as “Posh Spice,” Melanie Brown “Scary Spice,” Melanie Chisholm “Sporty Spice,” Emma Bunton “Baby Spice” and Geri Halliwell “Ginger Spice.” The group’s debut album “Spice” sold over 28 million copies, making it the best-selling album by a female group in music history. The group is known as one of the most iconic female singing groups in history and in 2012 they came together to promote “Spice Girls: Viva Forever!” the musical.



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