New People, New Opportunities


I hope everyone’s first week of classes went well! It can be somewhat stressful to hear our new professors go over the workload that will be put on our back for the semester, but nevertheless, the first week of classes is one of my favorites.

The reason for this is the new people that we will be seeing a couple times a week for the semester, unless that 8 a.m. alarm knows just the right ways to seduce you into hitting the snooze.  New people bring new opportunities.  There are opportunities for new friendships, new relationships, new study-partners, new everything!  It’s weird to think about how at one point in time we were strangers with everyone, our closest friends in college or anywhere would not have been so if we missed the opportunity to first meet them.  Who knows, a new best friend, future romantic partner, or future colleague may be sitting just a few rows to your left or right; the only way to know is to take advantage of the opportunity that has presented itself in the form of all those new faces.

College is not only about developing a strong academic skillset, but a social one as well.  Some of us have the natural inclination to take the first step in meeting new people while others may find it somewhat intimidating. I find myself somewhere in the middle so I can understand the rationality from both sides but at the end of the day, there is really nothing too traumatic that can come from extending a nice greeting, and even if by some rare occurrence that person dismisses you, all that is revealed is one less person you have to wonder the old “what if…” expression.  New opportunities present themselves every day and all it takes is a little courage to discover what lies in those opportunities.

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