Non-Traditionally Yours: Home

This being my first post since break, I would like to talk a little bit about family. I went home for most of break and it was refreshing. Do not get me wrong, I love Bloomington-Normal but it can be so nice to step away from the books and higher education for a bit. However, I whole-heartedly believe that I have familial amnesia; famnesia if you will. My strong case of famnesia always creeps up whenever I am back in town for more than a week. That happiness you get when thinking of returning home and everyone runs at you with open arms as you arrive; yeah, that all melts away when you begin talking to them and realized how much you dislike your family. You remember all of those things you had forgotten with distance. The drunken uncle and the racist aunt. The cousin that does questionable things. I think my least favorite part of meeting my family when I return from my exodus here at ISU is when I meet an elderly family member and they talk about body excretion. I love them dearly but hearing about bowel movements make me want to jump a plane to forgetsville, USA.

I often wonder about how much you really take from family members. You are now a viable individual to speak with as you are supposedly impartial. You have been gone long enough to where individuals feel as if they can divulge family secrets to you. The most unfortunate part is when you are about my age and speak with family members and they see you as an adult. This is usually when you hear about your aunt and uncle’s sexual dysfunction and you start to feel like Sam from “Sixteen Candles” when she encounters her grandparents in her room: disturbed and a little depressed.

Although I have these insane cast of characters as my family, as I am sure you do as well, I always remember that they saw me grow up. They were in my gravity as I aged and they will always be home. A crazy home, but home.


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