All This Fun for Just Minimum Wage


This winter break I had the opportunity to work my old part time job at a grocery store. With an internship on the horizon, I will need all  the money I can get. I worked for almost a month and that was enough time to teach me some important lessons and interact with some very  interesting characters. Honestly, no one really likes working a menial  part time job for little  pay, but as we all know, sometimes it has to be done. That was my mindset as I geared up for working during break.

Halfway through my winter break, I noticed a friend’s comment on a  social media site saying something to the effect that “The customer is always right” is not always reality. I can definitely identify with feeling that way. We all can, right? Whether you work a job or  interact with people at school, we all know how it feels, when we are trying to help someone with a problem or issue and nothing you do will be enough. People can be difficult to deal with from time to time. I  know this to be true, because I interact with customers all day at work. When the day is going well, it is great. When nothing you do can  please the customers, it makes time go by slower.

While working, we all encounter customers that may have issues or  problems. As an employee, we are supposed to provide quality customer  service. We all try our best to meet customer needs. But we are often limited by what we can do to help. When I cannot resolve a problem or meet a customer’s desire, I too am frustrated, along with the customer. I respect all customers and I like to have respect shown back to me. It is about the golden rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated.

I do my best to roll with the punches, not let things get to me and remain positive. This is the mindset I have to get me through the work day. Do not get me wrong; most days are great. But some days can be an absolute mess. Serving customers requires skills that not all people have. It requires patience, understanding and training. But it is essential because all businesses provide some form of service to their customers. To make a company profitable, you have to make sure that your customers are always satisfied. Even if they are not right, you should make them feel like they are. That is the key to quality customer service, whether we have what it takes or not.

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