Normal will offer electric aggregation to residents

Normal has contracted with Homefield Energy to offer low electricity rates to all residents through locked-in aggregation.

The current contract with Homefield Energy will run out sometime in July, and Normal has partnered again with Homefield for a new contract to offer 4.099 cents per kilowatt hour.

Ameren is the electrical distributor for Normal and Homefield Energy supplies it to this region.

Locked-in aggregation allows for the aggregation of electric load by municipalities and counties. This means a municipality or county can negotiate for the purchase of the combined electric supply of its residents and eligible small businesses, Sally Heffernan, assistant city manager for Normal, said.

“Every other alternative energy supply I have seen they are 10 percent or higher than our aggregation rate and they are not locked into any life of a contract,” Heffernan said.

If a person in Normal chooses to opt for the municipal aggregation, the price of 4.099 cents per kilowatt hour will remain fixed throughout the life of the contract with Homefield. Residents have the option of opting out of aggregation, but the electric supplier’s prices are variable.

Opting out of Homefield Energy costs $25. The chosen supplier will send opt-out notices to all residents and eligible small businesses within the municipality or county no later than April.

Any citizen can compare prices by asking alternative suppliers for a rate quote and confirm the quoted rate is not subject to change during the contract period.

To be eligible for aggregation, citizens must be Ameren residential customers regardless of electrical usage and very small business accounts with usage less than 15,000 kilowatts annually.

Residential customers who have signed contracts with an alternative energy supplier, customers receiving Ameren “Free” service, customers with hourly rates, customers on Ameren bundled hold and business accounts using more than 15,000 kWh annually are not eligible for aggregation.

Cornbelt Energy customers are not eligible either, Heffernan said.

“We requested the power supply be 100 percent from renewable or green sources,” Heffernan said. “If you are concerned about the environment and want to choose clean energy at this point this is the most environmentally friendly power supplier.”

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