Notre Dame’s stadium renovation

Students, athletes and community members were very excited when Hancock Stadium was renovated at Illinois State, and now Irish fans may or may not feel that excitement as well. Notre Dame announced Wednesday that a $400 million plan will be put into action.

The 84-year-old football stadium will be adding not hundreds, but thousands of premium seating to reach an 84,000 capacity and new buildings at the House that Rockne Built. There has been talk of adding video boards, or “jumbotrons,” and many fans are not very happy about that, but President Rev. John Jenkins said there was no decisions made yet.

“What’s exciting about this project is it brings together athletics, faculty and academics, research and a student center, so it’s an integrated model,” Jenkins said.

One new building will be home to a student center on the west side, while the anthropology and psychology departments and a digital media center will be on the east side. Music and sacred music departments will be on the south side. This ensures that the side that faces Touchdown Jesus is unchanged.

Jenkins said that the earliest that construction would take place is next year and that it would take three years to complete.

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