Top 5 Super Bowl snacks and recipes

Hosting a Superbowl party, or just planning to stay in your apartment and pig out with the roommates? Either way, this football fest is the perfect excuse to bring on the munchies. The Superbowl is all about crowd-pleasing quick to make, quick to eat foods packed with flavor.
Enjoy some of these tried and true finger foods and root for your favorite team! Even if they don’t win, hey, it’s a great chance to bring together friends and eat great food.
1) Guac + Chips
Tex-mex styled foods are a big hit on game day and this dip is especially popular. Guac always goes fast so make plenty! Give yours a special twist by adding something unique, like sliced chile peppers, tomatillos, or even some diced mango or papaya!

2) Buffalo wings
Order in from B-dubs or make your own; whatever you do, make sure you have some ranch ready, especially if you like the spicy sauce.

3) Salad-on-a-stick
This may sound strange, but Food Network suggests making your vegetables more man-friendly by serving them on a skewer with blue cheese on the side. Well, that’s one way to force your carnivore friends to eat their greens. Another healthy alternative: Fruit or berry skewers. Even more fun if you can get colored fruit that matches your team’s colors.

4) Nachos/chips and dips
You can go almost any direction when it comes to dips. Bean, spinach, artichoke, salsa, queso, you name it. Include one sweet dip, like Nutella, to cater to both sweet and savory tastes.

5) Pigs in a blanket
This popular appetizer is easy to make. Just wrap mini hot dogs in crescent roll dough, bake, and dip in your favorite sauce.

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