Age Is Just A Number


Or so they say right? I always remember thinking as a kid that the man is always supposed to be older than the woman. Being in college I have noticed more relationships with larger age gaps. A 19 year old with a 26 year old is not that uncommon these days. How far does the gap have to be to qualify for “cougar status”?

A 25 year old is in a completely different place in their life than a 19 year old. I mean hey, if they’re the one, when you know, you know, but don’t let that older partner drag you into a serious commitment you’re not ready for. Soon he will be ready to pop the question and wanting a family.

Your teens and early twenties are a one-time thing.  It is a time for figuring out who you are. You won’t get to be young, wild and free forever.

If I have learned one thing from being in a relationship, it is that you should never feel held back by your significant other. That person should want you to do things you want to.

When girls date older men, or vice versa, things can get lost in translation. Two people with such a large age gap are in two very different places in their lives.

On the other hand, some younger men and woman are more mature than those within their same age group. It can be difficult to talk to someone with maturity level opposite of your own. If you are more mature, you might need an older partner.

Everything about relationships is a perspective. Sometimes it is easier to be on the same eye level as your partner. When you don’t see things in the same light, it makes it difficult to make it work. But in the end, only you know what is best for you.


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