Baby It’s Cold Outside


The past week of school has been an arctic blast…literally. Walking around campus with the winter weather attacking you can leave you feeling blue, but here are a few tips to make the winter weather a little more bearable.

Hot Beverages

The cold weather is a great excuse to splurge on a cup of coffee or hot tea. Not only will it take the internal chill off, but also keep your hands warm walking to class.

Dress Appropriately

Yes, it sucks having to dress in layers, but you should dress warm. Make sure to have no skin showing to eliminate a nasty wind burn and what a great time to rock cute winter accessories. Sure, you may be freezing, but you will look great doing so. If you are not one who wears hats, there is always the crochet headband. I have seen many girls who make them and sell them on various Illinois State University sale sites through Facebook.

Take the Bus

Public transportation picks up and drops off all around campus. If you are a student who walks to school, stay warm and enjoy the ride. Students with valid school ID ride for free.

Go to Class

It totally sucks having to wear multiple layers of clothes, walk through frigid winds, and have to do so multiple times a day, but you should still go to class. Remember how our grandparents always made it a point to elaborate about how they walked a mile to school in a foot of snow? They survived the elements, and so will we.

Full Body Snowsuit

Do they even make these for adults? This may be something to look into because sometimes looking silly so you don’t freeze to death outweighs the idea of looking cute on your way to class.

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