College Relationships: To Do or Not To Do


There’s no doubt that college is a wild place to be. There’s constant partying and temptation everywhere. College is a time of self-expression and finding your own direction. Soon these careless, free and wild times will be over. In the blink of an eye you’ll have a real job, a marriage, and babies on the way. Life goes by so quickly. I feel like yesterday was my eighth grade graduation or my 16th birthday. How did I get here that fast? The point is people come and go so quickly. Goodbyes are a terrible feeling but in reality there are billions of people in the world that could make you happy.
I have recently discovered I’m that girl that always has a boyfriend. In a HerCampus article I read they called it “serial monogamy” aka constant need for a man. The more i read the more I wanted to change this about myself. I don’t NEED a boyfriend. You don’t NEED anyone but yourself. No one will make you happy but YOU. So spend your single time making yourself the best you can be so that when a relationship does come along you can be the best you can.
On the other hand if you are a relationship person like me, go with the flow. Date for fun! Or be in a good relationship in college. People may say college relationships are pointless but if that’s what makes you happy you shouldn’t think twice about their opinion.
College is a time for selfish decisions. Live it up and don’t feel bad for being selfish. Whether this means being in a relationship or not, life is what you make of it.

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