“Girl Code” and “Guy Code” Come To ISU


With an auditorium full of laughter, comedians Carly Aquilino and Chris Distefano of MTV’s “Girl Code” and “Guy Code” gave students more than a good time at Jan. 31, comedy show brought to you by the University Program Board.  I got that chance to meet with Aquilino and Distefano and talk to them about the show.

“I want them to have fun and just hang out,” said Aquilino when asked about her hopes for the show.

As I sat down with them before the show, they humored me (no pun intended) on how they got to where they are now in life and advice to help others on their journey. Of course the two put their spin on topics ranging from hook ups to break ups, but they also gave a few words of encouragement for students.

“Follow your dreams, but work at it,” said Distefano, who has his Doctorate in Physical Therapy and no longer lives with his mom.

Yes, I cheered for him too after hearing this. No shame, bro. Physical Therapy was a safety net just in case he was unable to make it in the comedy world. Distefano also mentioned his love for Pinot Grigio and his exercise plan where he drinks a whole bottle by himself and attempts to do P90X calling it “Pino90x.”

Aquilino, on the other hand, shed a ray of light on drinking alone.

“Let’s not get crazy, there are some excuses to drink alone; I think,” said Aquilino. “If you had a really long day at work or school or if you just got out of a break up or it’s the morning. I can’t drink my coffee black you guys. What?”

Aquilino started out as a hair dresser, but always wanted to do comedy. When asked what advice she would give to others she stated, “be yourself.”  After each had their chance to speak, both rejoined on the stage to end the show with a question and answer segment in the Braden Auditorium in the Bone Student Center.

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