I’ve been working on an analogy about itches…Yes, you read that right.

First, what do I mean by itches? Not the itches that come with going on a nature hike or those savage itches that comes with the chicken pox.  The itches I’m talking about are a metaphorical type that represent urges requiring instantaneous sensory gratification.  That was a mouth full of language so let’s simplify it.  I’m talking about the itches that can take many other forms other than skin irritation.

I’d like to first point out that I went through a literal itching fiasco to create this analogy so know that I gave it my best! I’ve been studying and practicing meditation for the past few months and let me just say it is much easier said than done but that being said, it has become a beneficial habit for me.  A brief description of the type of meditation I work on would be tuning out all exterior distractions and focusing inward to enter into a reflective mindset and also to enhance my ability to read minds.  Okay, perhaps I am not at the mind-reading level of meditation yet but the first part of the previous statement is true at least.

Anyway, during my most recent meditation session I found myself in a bit of a predicament that led to the climactic realization of this brilliant analogy that I have still yet to tell you about.  I can feel the suspense of my readers begging me to enlighten them so brace yourself, here it comes!  While meditating I became self-aware of this deadly itch that began to attack my left arm.  At first, like most rational people, I considered immediately relieving myself of this hellish psychological skin irritation.  But I stopped myself.  One of the aspects of meditation is using the art of mindfulness to become more aware of the thoughts that go on in the mind.  My mind at this point was screaming bloody murder at me to alleviate itself from the itch by breaking my mediational posture and scratching the itch.  I began to wonder what would happen if I chose not to itch it.  Obviously it would prolong my suffering but what else? So I waited with the itch and began to convince myself that I did not need to itch it at all.

Now for the first minute or two I almost gave in and went into a full itchathon (itch marathon) on my left arm but as time continued to pass, something interesting happened.  The badgering of my mind working to convince me that I needed to scratch myself began to quiet itself and the itch began to subside.  Eventually the sensation of the itch completely disappeared and once again I was content in my meditation.  Where’s the analogy? Well, for now all I’m going to say is that everyone has their own itches.  By itches I mean psychological irritations that work to convince us that we need immediate gratification or else we will perish.  Itches can lead to bad and unhealthy habits which if not monitored can lead to dangerous addictions.  I will go more in depth on this in my next blog so for now I will leave you with a question: What are your “itches”?

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