We Are Never Getting Coffee


I recently saw this photo and it got me thinking about people meeting for the first time.

Vidette 2

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

I instantly thought about people you meet at school whether in class or just passing each other in the halls. We are now far enough into the semester where we know a few people in our classes, but also know who to stay clear of. This is not being said in a deliberately mean way, it is just apparent personalities would not click or you have nothing in common.

With a world full of Facebook requests and Twitter follows, this simple picture opened up my eyes to how we actually communicate. In my experiences, coffee dates were a high school thing. It is now more of a, “do you want to go to so and so’s party with me?” rather than a food date. Thus goes to say, if someone asks you to go get coffee with them at a later date upon just meeting you, they probably do not want to hang out with you and are just being nice as to not hurt your feelings. If they say their schedule is hectic and times never seem to work out, it may also be a subtle hint that they do not want to hang out with you. So do not take it personal if your acquaintance automatically knows they will never go get coffee with you, and do not try to push the issue any further in hopes of becoming friends because that only makes them dislike you even more.

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