An Unbelievable Game

This past week has been one all cheerleaders dream to have. Big games give me goosebumps. Those include, a packed arena, and exciting game and crazy fans. I’ve finally had the opportunity to cheer one of those games this year. On January 22, ISU’s men’s basketball team suited up against #4 Wichita State. As a student, cheerleader and Redbird fan, I knew that this was going to be a big game. Highlights of Wichita’s season have been posted on all MVC sites and I was anxious to see the Shockers in action. Going up against a #4 team was exciting enough but what I was most excited for was the atmosphere. It is a rare occasion for Redbird Arena to completely fill with students and fans. When I arrived at 6:00 to prepare for the game, the ambush of students running through the doors made my heart stop. Seeing all these students finally come out to a game made me overwhelmed and a little bit nervous. Game time was slowly approaching but when it did, the Redbirds had over 5 sections filled with students. It was unbelievable. Unfortunately, the game didn’t end the way me and the students wanted it to but our cheering helped bring motivation when the players needed it most. The environment was just what I needed. I love it when the cheerleaders don’t have to start cheers but rather join in with them. It was an amazing game and I couldn’t be more proud  of the effort the boys put in. I hope this isn’t the last big game I get to be apart of.

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