Bringing it Way Back



It’s Retro Night in Redbird Arena!! This is the game to bring out old uniforms, retired logos and the crazy hair.  Illinois State Cheerleaders brought the whole retro package.  Our uniforms dated back 15 years.  We’re talking pleated skirts, half tops and the polka dot ribbons in the side ponytails.  The game was a blast. I’ve always talked about how I grew up in the wrong era.  This is one of the few times where I get to step back in time and bring out my inner retro.  Since day one, I knew that Reggie Lynch’s afro would come in handy at the retro game.  A handful of Redbird fans went along with the trend and wore afros as well. One of the most exciting parts of the game was when there were flash backs shown on the big screen.  These flash backs featured past games and big plays that got the crowd on their feet.  It was wonderful seeing how today’s Redbird basketball is still just as popular as it was in the past.  Keeping up with the excitement, the halftime performance put on quite the show.  Featuring the ISU cheerleaders, Benny the Bull and his team of basketball acrobats jumped over members of our team while dunking the ball in various ways. This was such a great game to be apart of and the history involved.

In addition to this game, the team and I have been working very hard this past week on our routine for next week’s performance at the IHSA State cheer competition.  After only working on it for a couple of weeks, the team is in full swing of perfecting the routine to show off to the high school students.  The practices have been getting tougher and more exhausting but the hard work is definitely paying off.  I can’t wait to be under those spotlights and show the teams what ISU Cheerleading is all about.


Photo courtesy of Carley Redman

Photo courtesy of Carley Redman



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