Renovations continue at Edwards Hall

Brian Jarocki / Photo Editor: Renovations are currently underway at Edwards Hall on the first floor in order to create more office space.

Brian Jarocki / Photo Editor:
Renovations will soon be underway at Edwards Hall on the first floor in order to create more office space.

The first floor of Edwards Hall will be undergoing renovations in the near future in order to add more office space.

The renovations will go towards a preadministration office and faculty and staff office space for the Mennonite College of Nursing. There will also be some plumbing and other important upgrades done.

“We advertised for these renovations a while ago,” Michael Redmond, senior public assistant for the construction data company, said.

“We placed a bid back in October but as of now we have failed to confirm a contractor.”

Redmond said that right now they are waiting for the reward from the town so the renovations can begin. They are trying regularly to push for the renovations but as of now there is no proposed starting date.

Although no contractor is confirmed, there have been some bidders for the project. These are Anderson Electric on the electrical side, Tarter Construction for the general construction work and Mid Illinois Mechanical for ventilation. All of these businesses are located in Bloomington and the bids are under $300,000 which is low for such proposed renovations.

The renovations to Edwards will hopefully create a more updated appearance of the building. Edwards Hall opened in 1920 but has not had any renovations done since the ’60s.

The construction should not affect any classes going on in Capen Auditorium on the second floor. There may be some disturbances but it will not be necessary to relocate since many of the larger lectures are done in the auditorium.

The Office of Student and Faculty Services for the Mennonite College of Nursing is currently located at Uptown Crossing. With the renovations, hopefully the office will be moved back before the renovations begin.

“I think these new offices will make things more convenient for students and staff in the college,” sophomore nursing major Jasmin Smith said.

“The building is old so a more modern look would be nice.”

For updates on the renovations, contact Michael Redmond at 800-652-0008.

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