These past few weeks have been brutal for those who have to walk more than a few minutes across campus to class. Any time temperatures are below zero and the wind chill is even lower, frostbite can occur on any exposed skin within minutes. These unusual tips will help keep you cozy even on the chilliest days you have to trek across the frozen tundra that is the Quad.

  • Walk with warmth in hand

When the weather reaches below zero temperatures, there are not enough gloves in the world to keep your hands warm. If you can’t keep the feeling in your fingers while walking to class, make yourself a hot cup of coffee or tea to carry with you or stop by one of the various coffee shops on campus to grab a hot beverage. Not only will the heated liquid keep your hands warm and toasty, but it can help keep your entire body warm.

  • Spice it up

When it comes to cold feet, there are several types of shoe warmers you can purchase, but most of them are expensive and hard to find. Instead, rub cayenne pepper on your feet before putting on socks. Capsaicin, its active ingredient, increases the circulation in your toes, heating them up. The warming sensation usually happens immediately, but sometimes it takes time for the heat to gradually increase. Either way, you’ll have warm toes in no time!

  • Layers on layers

It’s no secret that layering your clothes will shield you from ruthless winds, but with temperatures plunging below zero, it’s time to get serious about doubling up. Here’s what you can do: Wear tights or long underwear under your pants, pile on sweaters and stack on as many pairs of socks that will fit into your shoes. Remember, two layers are always warmer than one.

  • Circulate before you go

Simple anatomy tells us that when your heart rate is up, blood circulates throughout your body, and leaves you feeling warm. Before you embark on that frigid journey to class, here are a few, quick exercises you can do to get your blood pumping: jog in place, open and close your hands or stand on your tippy toes for a minute. Once you’re outside, speed walk to class. The blood will keep flowing, and you’ll be out in the cold for a shorter amount of time.

  • Say hi to being dry

If all other solutions fail, don’t be afraid to try this old school approach. When the snow turns into gray, slushy water, it always has a way of seeping into your shoes and ruining your day. To prevent this from happening, simply take a sandwich bag and slip it over your sock before putting on your boots. This may seem excessive now, but you’ll be glad you did it once you’re sitting through a lecture with warm, dry socks.

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