Two teams, one treasurer


Kari Tunney serves as the treasurer for both the club softball and club basketball teams/Submitted Photos

Kari Tunney serves as the treasurer for both the club softball and club basketball teams/Submitted Photos

Illinois State senior Kari Tunney likes to keep busy.  In addition to balancing the full class load of an exercise science major as well as an internship, she also works as the treasurer for the women’s club basketball and softball teams.

Growing up in Mount Prospect, Tunney began playing basketball early in elementary school and started softball in fifth grade.  When she arrived at ISU, she decided to play not one, but both of her favorite sports through the club sports program.

“I played both throughout high school and loved them both,” Tunney said. “I still play intramurals sometimes, but I like the competitive side of the sports that you get in club sports.”

When Tunney first ran for treasurer of the softball club, it was to experience a leadership position and get more involved in the team.

“I got to help make team decisions, and since I already had that experience as the softball treasurer, I decided to run for the position on the basketball team too,” Tunney said.

Tunney believes that being involved with the executive boards of her sports has enriched her experience with the club sports program.

“When you see how much work is put into the club teams, since they are student run, you get to see behind the scenes and appreciate it more,” Tunney said.

As the treasurer of the two teams, Tunney’s responsibilities include looking after the money made by the teams, any spending done and all of the individual player fees for each year.

In addition to managing her teams’ finances, Tunney must also manage her time.  Between her two executive board positions, an internship and schoolwork, Tunney is almost always busy.

“I learned to manage my time well by writing down my schedule for every day so I know what I need to get done,” Tunney said. “I like to keep busy, though.”

Tunney says she does not regret being on these club teams, although it keeps her busy.

“It has helped me with my time management, organizational skills, leadership skills and taught me to be a part of a team.”


Between her two sports, Tunney has many accomplishments she is proud of during her time at ISU.  On the basketball team, her biggest accomplishment was assisting in the organization of the first home tournament this year, during which the ISU team made it to the semifinals.

As a member of the softball team, Tunney is proud to be a part of an organization that has grown so much since she first joined.

“When I started, the team was not very advertised … and now more girls are reaching out to us and are interested in trying out for the team,” Tunney said.

Looking back on her experiences in the club sports program, Tunney believes that being a part of two different teams has greatly enhanced her college experience.

“The best part about being on two club sports is that I love playing both sports, so I don’t have to pick one or the other,” Tunney said. “I get to keep playing at a competitive level and I have really become close with the girls on both teams.”

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