Be-You(tiful) art show fights media images

As part of National Eating Disorder Week, University Galleries will be pairing up with University Counseling services to put on the Be-You(tiful) Art Show that will host artwork from ISU students, as well as Illinois Wesleyn, Heartland Community College and Lincoln College students.

Jenni Thome, psychologist at Student Counseling Services, has high hopes for the upcoming show.

“My hopes and the goal of it is that when students are thinking of media and cultural norms, this show will help students recognize how unrealistic the media is and provide more of an understanding of media literacy,” Thome said.

The Be-You(tiful) show will be held from Feb. 25 through Mar. 13.

Courtesy of Student Counseling Services

Courtesy of Student Counseling Services

Any type of submissions that is ready to hang will be accepted by University Galleries Feb. 11-13. All students are welcome to submit artwork.

University Galleries will be accepting donations, but admission to the show will be free.

The directors of this event want students to take the show as a way to reflect on what is happening in the media and become more accepting of themselves and others.

The media’s unrealistic portrayal of body image is a major factor in eating disorders and low self-esteem, Thome said.

Many campaigns have been held in the last few years to recognize inner beauty, including the national Dove Real Beauty campaign.

Whether it is through a national campaign or a small scale art festival, society needs to see the media in a new light and move past this unrealistic image, Thome said.

“The show is a way to get students involved and help them reflect and make changes in how they see themselves and others.”

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