Pet Fee Hike Proposal Delayed Until Next Year

McLean County Animal Control’s ongoing debate for a two dollar raise in animal registration payments has been delayed until 2015. The current proposal will undergo revisions before being sent to the County Board’s finance committee this week.

The proposal from health department director Walt Howe included requests for another employee, employee training and the fees of equipment last month. This plan was met with uncertainty and questions from the McLean County Board.

However, at this time, the department is not clear on whether they most need a part-time office staff worker, part-time keeper or another full-time keeper.

Once these issues are finalized, the 2015 Animal Control funds request will cover that in addition to looking for an increase in registration costs in the next year to cover the price of what new staff will require.

Another major and recent change Animal Control has undergone is the shift from euthanizing animals via gas chamber to lethal injection euthanasia. This was enabled just this past fall.

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