School of Art’s Artistic Perspective at Milner Library

Grimm Tales: An Artistic Perspective will be open for viewing beginning Feb. 10 on the 6th floor of Milner Library.

The artwork on display has been inspired by the works of Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm’s “Household Tales.” The School of Art’s faculty and students’ modern art work reflects the narratives and premises from the book.

The original illustrations from the Grimm stories will be placed by the side of the modern takes from the art students and staff’s recent works.

Students and staff are welcome to check out the new exhibit that is devoted to these old tales.

A panel discussion and reception will also take place at 4 p.m. on Feb. 26 on Milner’s 6th floor. Faculty members from the School of Art, English and the registered student organization Art History Society (AHS) will talk about the history and artistry of these Grimm stories.

For more information on either the panel or the exhibit, contact AHS at

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