How I Survive Without a Meal Plan


When I moved into my apartment, I decided not to buy a meal plan. That is my choice, but I know plenty of people who enjoy the dorm food and still have a meal plan while living in an apartment. There are a few reasons why I made this decision. One, my apartment is literally across the street from Watterson dining center, so if I can walk to the dining center, I can keep walking back to my apartment. Second, I was tired of eating dorm food. Third, this gives me the chance to force myself to learn how to cook.

Honestly, I am not much of a cook. I mean, I can cook the basic things. I can follow directions. But I am no gourmet chef. At the same time, not depending on the dining center has forced me to think ahead about what I want to eat or what I should buy when I go the grocery store. I will not allow myself to be so lazy that I only eat cereal or ramen all the time. I like to buy frozen foods because I have found they are easy to fix and cheap. I also like making salads. Salads are really easy to make and you can individualize them to make them your own. See, it’s really not that hard.

Something I have been using a lot is my George Forman grill. Just buy some chicken and grill it on the George Forman. This is really simple to do. I also like cooking meals in my crockpot. It is nice to just put something in and let it cook all day. But I think at some point, I really need to learn to cook a bunch of different meals so that I do not end up eating the same things all the time. What I need to get is a cook book with a bunch of delicious recipes. Cooking as a student is often put on the back burner (pun intended) because we are often times busy with classes, assignments, extra-curriculars, you name it. But being able to cook is a skill that I think is important to have and I want to have.

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