I Feel like I Have Already Killed a Million Trees


One thing I love about ISU is that most professors post their PowerPoint presentations on ReggieNet or their websites. I love this for a few reasons. One, I do not have to write notes in class.  Therefore my hand does not cramp and I am not writing franticly and missing key information. Second, I like this because I can print out the notes ahead of time. That way I can follow along with the professor as they lecture. In my high school, they taught us how to take notes, but I think printing out notes is so much easier. But that aside, there is one issue: That is a lot of pages being printed.

I take four to five classes a semester, so imagine how much paper that is by the end of the semester. For each class, I typically fill a binder with notes. I do it that way because it allows me to be organized. It helps me learn better, printing everything out, so I physically have it on hand to reference. That is the system that works for me. But I know that is a lot of paper.

I remember in grade school I had a Spanish teacher who loved to give us worksheets to work on in class. She would make copy after copy after copy. It is too bad no one ever did the worksheets though. It was all one big waste. I do not think of myself as a tree killer, but if this is what I have to do to be prepared for class, then I want to do my best to help save the trees, unlike my grade school Spanish teacher.

What I do to make myself feel better about all the printing (or killing trees) is to recycle all the notes I will not be saving. Have you ever noticed those blue recycling bins around campus? That is what they are there for. I also like to buy pre-recycled printer paper when I can. That way in my mind, it is a cycle. I use paper, it is recycled and then I get to reuse it again for another purpose. If notes help you study then you know where I am coming from! For the rest of my time in school, I will keep printing out my notes, but at least I will be doing my part to help the environment.

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