Senioritis: We Can’t Even


With only a couple months left of school, nothing can come between those who are graduating in May and all the excitement that follows. Many seniors are suffering from something termed “senioritis.” Symptoms can be, but not limited to, wearing sweats every day, being over the whole party scene, not wanting to go to class and wine- copious amounts of wine (legally of course, because we are in our twenties).

Many seniors have had four years on campus, and three years watching the underclassmen. They now see how much they have changed since their first year at Illinois State University. Like the fact that freshmen are known to dress up for an 8 am class and possibly even wear heels, going out wear gets mixed up with school wear and some of them get really excited to run into old high school friends. Freshmen living in the dorms have a meal plan and eat like royalty, and seniors remember a time when they did not eat Ramen for all three meals. Freshmen are worrying about exams, while you are worrying about getting a job once you graduate. On the plus side, we know many of our professors well enough to ask them about life outside of class and we laugh and laugh and laugh.

Sometimes, senior year and freshmen year can be alike. You may have yet another (or two) experiences of walking into the wrong classroom thinking it is where you should be or even walking into your classroom you should be in an hour early. You may dress up for class now because you have a really gorgeous teaching assistant. The biggest similarity is both groups still do not know what they are going to do with their life. Yes, it seems seniors should have it all figured out, but it is okay if you do not.

For those of you who are graduating in May, just remember to embrace the last few months. These are the best days of your life and they are going to go crazy fast. Also, do the best in your classes so you do not become a super senior.


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