New phone app grows in popularity

For the past few weeks students across campus have been downloading a trivia app called QuizUp. My roommate has been trying to convince me to play it since it came out.

According to New York Magazine, QuizUp “has already become the fastest-growing mobile game in history” after its release in early November. By its eighth day of availability, it had one million users.

At the beginning of December, it had over 3.5 million users and has dominated the top of the iPhone app list ever since.

With many trivia categories to choose from, QuizUp is the most extensive mobile trivia game to date. After my roommate and I challenged each other on Modern Family trivia until 2 a.m., I realized exactly how addicting this app was.

The categories vary from trivia about popular TV shows and movies to food logos. The game starts with general questions and continues to more specific ones as the level of difficulty increases. Each round has seven questions with only 10 seconds to respond.

QuizUp allows you to challenge other players, including friends or strangers. When you join the network, your friends are notified and the app will connect to your Facebook or Twitter.

The company that created the game, Plain Vanilla Games, is surprised by the great success of the app. New York Magazine’s statistics show that the average competitor is playing the game for around 40 minutes a day.

This is not the first game for the company. They also launched an unsuccessful app called The Moogies, which was an interactive game for preschoolers.

The failure of the The Moogies led the company to take a different approach to app marketing.

They decided to base QuizUp on the already successful Trivial Pursuit app, hoping to create an even more elaborate version of the game.

I think this app is new and refreshing. What draws me to this game the most is the fact that you can interact with friends.

The only complaint I have is that it is a little overwhelming to play at first. It took me a while to navigate the app and get the hang of it. Also, unfortunately, the app is only available for iPhone users.

If you’re looking for a fun new app, check out QuizUp, but make sure you have plenty of time to kill because the game will suck you in every time.

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