Shirley Temple dies at 85

Iconic child star from the Great Depression Era, Shirley Temple Black, passed away Monday night at her home near San Francisco.

Known for her curly hair and dimples, Temple is considered a box-office legend, even when compared to then-adult stars like Bing Crosby and Joan Crawford. According to the American Film Institute, Temple was ranked No. 18 of the top 50 screen legends in 1999.

While considered the most popular and successful child star of all time, Temple was also involved in politics. After leaving the entertainment industry in the 1960s, she was appointed as a member of the U.S. delegation to the United Nations General Assembly by President Nixon in 1969.

Throughout her life she had three children, successfully battled breast cancer, and used her experience in show business to excel as a diplomat. Temple certainly lived a life that will be well-remembered.

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