ValenMine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and whether you have a valentine or not, it can still be a day of love! This post is dedicated to the single folks out there who may be stressing about not having a special somebody to shower with affection, chocolates and roses; don’t stress it.  This is a tremendous opportunity.

During the fall semester I wrote a post about self-dating, meaning exactly what it implies; having a date with that special somebody you see while starring into a mirror, you.  As Feb. 14 begins to march its way down the calendar, the stars seem to be aligning for a perfect self-dating possibility.  In the movie “Troy” Brad Pitt spoke motivating words to his army of men before ceasing the land of their adversaries.  His words echoed into the souls of their being, proclaiming “Take it! It’s yours!” And this Valentine’s Day is your opportunity, take it!

What is a single person to do on Valentine’s Day?  Whatever you please is the answer.  Let this be a day of showing gratitude to you! Spend the day splurging on your favorite foods, movies, music or whatever warms your heart.  Consider this your ValenMine’s Day. The love is all for you.


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