Distance is just a number: beat the separation anxiety this Valentine’s Day

Unfortunately, going away to college often means leaving a significant other behind. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it can make a long distance relationship much more challenging.

“One hundred and seventy six miles. It has been permanently stuck in my head since coming to ISU. My boyfriend is in Indianapolis, which is three hours driving with an hour time change,” Elizabeth Nolan, senior speech language pathology major, said.

Nolan said she has been with her boyfriend for four and a half years; with nearly four of those years being separated.

Fortunately, she will be with her boyfriend on Valentine’s Day this year; however Nolan gave some suggestions for those who have to spend the holiday apart.

“If you can’t visit each other get creative. Have a Skype date, send a gift to your significant other so they know you’re still thinking about them or go out to dinner with friends,” Nolan said. “Just be positive.”

Nolan said this year is the first Valentine’s Day she and her significant other have spent together in three years.

She said she is only able to see her boyfriend one weekend a month, and the hardest part is simply missing out on big and small events in each other’s lives.

“I miss out on a lot of his fraternity activities that I would have appreciated to go to. On the contrary, on a rough day it would be nice to have someone besides just friends to talk to about it,” Nolan explained.

She made it clear that long distance relationships are not all bad, saying the time the couple does get to spend together is extra special.

If your significant other will be spending Valentine’s Day at ISU, there are plenty of options to have a fun day.

A classic dinner and movie is always a good option, or you can go see “The Vagina Monologues,” an infamous play that will have you laughing all night.

Another fun way to spend Valentine’s Day with your long distance partner visiting campus is to attend the Valentine’s Big Band Dance, or attend the Share the Love event to get your sweetie a cheap yet loving gift.

Nolan also shared her secret to having a successful long distance relationship.

“Trust and compromise. Be flexible and remember to compromise about visiting. One of you may be busier than the other so flexibility is very important,” she said.

Nolan made a point to say it is important to have your own friends when you are in a long distance relationship.

“Don’t let long distance hold you back from meeting new people or having fun,” she said. “If it’s meant to, it will work out.”

Jake Johnson / Photographer

Jake Johnson / Photographer

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