Rashaan Evans is receiving backlash from Auburn fans

One of Alabama’s top recruits, Rashaan Evans, is now receiving a great deal of backlash from Auburn fans after he made the decision to stray away from his hometown of Auburn and sign with The Crimson Tide. Evans was the No. 2 recruit in the outside linebacker position, and No. 52 recruit overall.

“It’s hard for me to go out and chill with my friends like I have always done because people keep coming up to me telling me I made a bad decision. It’s grown men. They are asking me why I did this to them. I told them I had to do what is best for me,” Evans told

Evans tweeted about the backlash and critical comments people have been making about his decision to sign with Bama.

“All I did was commit to a university to get my education and pursue my dreams but a whole city gone try and treat me like I’m satan #Really,” Evans’ tweet said.

People are even going as far as trying to persuade others not to shop at Evans’ family’s store and telling restaurants not to serve him and his family. Evans is concerned his family is going to start losing money due to an article that went out about his family’s business that included telling Auburn fans not to go there.

Evans is trying to focus on the positive support from Alabama fans.

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