Yeah, we know, we know, being single sucks, and being single on Valentine’s Day sucks most of all. But it doesn’t have to. Whether you’re someone who thinks of Valentine’s Day as the kingpin of the greeting card industry or you’re the kind of person who wears bobbly heart antennae on their head all day, there’s bound to be someone in your life who you can express gratitude for. Check out the list below for some simple ways to show your appreciation for the special people in your life, not just on Valentine’s Day but every day of the year.

1) Throw a Party
Frustrated you don’t have plans on the 14th? Make your own! Put together a party for you and a group of friends and ask guests to invite a friend or two of their own. What better place is there to meet someone or make a new friend than at a party?  You’ll feel happier and more loved than ever when you’re having fun, surrounded by your pals.

2) Pass out Valentines
Not having a sweetie on Valentine’s Day is no excuse to skip sending valentines. Show the people in your community how sweet you are! Spend a little time making valentines for the people around you. Put them on the fridge before your roommates wake up or stick one in your mailbox for your mail carrier who has to work on Valentine’s Day instead of spending time with his or her loved one.

3) Call your Family
Valentine’s Day isn’t just for spending time with your boyfriend or girlfriend. There are plenty of other relationships in your life that deserve your attention. Call up your mom or your best friend or your grandparents, and let them know just how much their love and support means to you.

4) Pamper a Pup
Go to your local shelter and volunteer to take a furry friend for an afternoon stroll. Making a cute little dog’s day is sure to make yours better as well. You’ll be feelin’ the love all day, and maybe you’ll make a habit of volunteering or even score a job in the process.

5) Pamper Yourself
Log onto Pinterest, find a recipe for a pink or red facemask, choose the tastiest looking recipe you can and put on your best pajamas. Invite your friends over or just take some time for you. Either way, take a moment to appreciate who you are and revel in the opportunity to be so good to yourself for a change!

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