Red Bull Can You Make It Challenge


SBM photo

SBM photo

Red Bull is looking for students to apply for its Red Bull Can You Make It Challenge, giving you and two friends the chance to travel across Europe for a week, all expenses paid.

It is an adventure that challenges the body and mind as 100 teams from all over the world have seven days to travel across Europe, using only cans of Red Bull as currency. Throughout the journey, teams will visit a number of checkpoints where they will encounter a challenge, share videos and photos.

To apply for the event, you must be a current university student over the age of 18. Applications are already being accepted and must be submitted by March 12. Your team of three must create a video explaining why your team should be chosen. Red Bull is looking for teams that are adventurous, have an up-for-anything attitude and quick thinking abilities when faced with a challenge.

If chosen, the event will start April 4, giving you one week to make it to the finish line by April 11. Starting points are located in London, Paris, Milan and Vienna.

If you are interested in applying or want more information regarding the event, go to

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