5 ways to travel in college besides studying abroad

Experiencing a semester abroad is an incredibly gratifying way to encounter the world around you, but it’s also expensive, time consuming and a bit overwhelming. If you’re someone looking for more of a travel quick fix, consider these top five ways to travel throughout college.

MCT Photo

MCT Photo

1 Travel with a team
Athletes who sport the ISU Redbird on their back are used to traveling almost every weekend. If you’re in the mood for a quick, spontaneous vacation, follow an ISU sports team of your choice to a different city and show some support. Being able to watch the Redbirds dominate on their opponent’s turf could be just the getaway you need.

2 Model United Nations
Joining ISU’s Model United Nations team (MUN) could have you representing the school in New York City. Each spring, the department carefully selects a limited number of students to attend the Model UN Student Conference held in NY. If you’re interested in visiting the Big Apple through MUN, enroll in the International Organization course offered in the fall.

3 Alternative Spring Break
As tempting as warm weather and a sandy beach may sound, spring break doesn’t always have to revolve around relaxation. Alternative Spring Break (ASB) is a great way for students to visit different states during a weeklong trip of service. ASB will provide you with new friends, an opportunity to travel and the rewarding feeling of having helped someone in need.

4 Intern in a distant city
Do you ever find yourself impulsively applying for internships in alluring, faraway places? If you answered yes, your instinct may be on to something. Interning is an ideal way to encounter a city you’ve been dying to visit. Some internships even provide a place to stay! Not only will you be gaining valuable experience, but you’ll be living in a new, exciting location.

5 Plan a Trip with Friends
Let’s face it. College is basically a four-year-long opportunity to make memories with friends in fun, exciting places. Take advantage of the lengthy breaks we’re given and plan an unforgettable journey with your closest classmates. Whether you’re road tripping throughout the country or hopping a plane to Cancun, it’s bound to be the time of your life.


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